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Our School

You will not want to leave Lenovo Kitextreme Kitesurfing school, where you do not only kitesurf, but also spend time with pleasure all day.


We offer you many training options through private lessons with small or large groups. We guide you to get the right and best equipment for you, and we are with you not only during your lessons, but throughout your kiteboarding life.


In addition to the Kiteboard trainings in the large space of our school we never leave you alone unless you request by providing material rental, storage, assistance services, accommodation, transfers and alternative activities.


To start your day vigorously, you can join free yoga classes with our yoga instructor in the mornings, and spend your day in a pleasant way with the playgrounds we create during the day (atari, air hockey, table football, table tennis, foot tennis, etc.).


The brands we use at our school are F-ONE and Manera, one of the world’s favorite brands, which we are distributors.


You can see the detailed information, packages that we have prepared specially for you in the Our Courses section.


In our school, we use 2021 model Fone kites and F-one boards, the world's leading kiteboard brand in this sport.

You can also find the products of these brands in our stores located in the center of Akyaka.

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